By the 20s of last century, the neighbours walked past a small winery on their way to Mercat de Sant Antoni and stopped by to gather strengths, exchange views and take a ‘misery’ of wine. Mr. Parramón dispatched wine and smiles to customers and friends, faithful who accompanied him when he turned the establishment into the restaurant Can Miserias and until he sold it in 1973 due to his retirement.

Without too many alterations, drastic changes in decor, or breaking the lines of an almost centenary restaurant of the city of Barcelona, Can Miserias kept running under the direction of Albert and Christia, who continued to shape and define the personality of the establishment, already well-known in the neighbourhood and surrounding area for its food and friendly service to increasingly regular customers.

In 2015 a breath of fresh air arrived to Can Miserias thanks to new owners -also former clients- who, led by chef Eduard Losilla, committed to preserving the spirit of the establishment and looking after its tradition without forgetting a necessary renovation, respectful of the essence and the cuisine of Can Miserias.


A photograph of a bygone Barcelona presides Can Miserias’ entrance, welcoming diners to a culinary experience that embodies the philosophy of the restaurant: doing things well, with enthusiasm, and respect to tradition but without losing sight of innovation.

Can Miserias represents a genuine way of catering, in a small-restaurant style, with old dishes prepared like never before.

The restaurant nurtures from historical and well-established providers, the nearby Mercat de Sant Antoni and the best seasonal products for each elaboration. Can Miserias’ kitchen seeks maximum quality and brings it to the diner in the form of different culinary creations that pay tribute to a well-understood tradition, reformulated.

The result: real Catalan-Mediterranean cuisine, traditional and fresh. Good product carefully treated, authentic taste and presentation without tricks. Can Miserias goes back in time to recover those flavours in the psychological palate of the diner, and to do so offers dishes with no more than three good ingredients to elevate them.