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Can Miserias in BCN Gastronomía

“Eduardo Losilla is in charge of the Can Miserias kitchen” Media: BCN Gastronomía Author: Date: 13th of March Go to web version

Can Miserias in Observación Gastronómica

“Can Miserias” Media: Observación Gastronómica Author: Philippe Regol Date: 25th of February 2016 Go to web version

Can Miserias in Revista Vinos y Restaurantes

“Can Miserias begins a new stage” Mitjà: Revista Vinos y Restaurantes Autor: Data: 23th of February 2016 Go to web version

Can Miserias in La Vanguardia

“Can Miserias starts a new phase with Eduard Losilla fronting the cooking area” Media: La Vanguardia Author: Date: 22nd of February 2016 Go to web version

Can Miserias in Time Out

“One of the best tables in the area. Exquisite cuisine, homemade kitchen and tasty” Media: Time Out Author: Date: 28th of September 2012 Go to web version