Eduard Losilla (Barcelona, 1989) is behind the stove of Can Miserias with respect, illusion, good judgment and a listening ear from mid-2015. He advocates a traditional and modern kitchen with natural products well worked, without too many elaborations or trimmings that could mask them.

Passionate about stews and dishes that combine surf and turf, Losilla has no recollection where food is not present. Fond of cooking from an early age, he was trained in Hofmann and in the laureate Caelis restaurant by Romain Fornell, where he ended up as chef de partie. After several experiences in other cuisines, like Butikfarra’s and he embarked on Can Miserias.

In the kitchen of Can Miserias we also we find Antonia Díaz, sous chef and Losilla’s right hand behind the stove, a stove she knows perfectly after 16 years by its warmth. Neuris Ramírez completes the trio in the kitchen with seniority in the establishment of around a decade.

Francesc Millan is the manager of Can Miserias and works as a waiter in the dining room while Pep Rosado who started as an assistant 46 years ago, leads the space with unequalled knowledge, with the expertise only possible through seniority.